Friday, May 13, 2016

Final Entry

There may be more dates to come but overall I feel like this experience was a great one and that more people in the community should go through the program! Even before the citizens police academy I have wanted to go into law enforcement. But after this experience, I know that once I turn 21 I will do everything I can to become a police officer. Its the career that I will pursue after high school. I have learned many things an average person would not think about and I am amazed with the experience that I got by going  through the Hilliard Citizens Police Academy!!!

Day 6 (5/8/16)

Image result for fire extinguisherTonight we were able to make a diesel fire and put it out using fire extinguishers. We went over proper handling and use of it and how if you cant get the fire out with just one you need the fire department. You only get the one chance to put it out.

We also got the chance to see a Lucas demonstration. The Lucas is a machine that cost a lot of money but is worth it. It is a CPR machine that gives chest compressions equal and constant and tells you when to give breaths.  
Image result for the lucas

Image result for norwich township fire ladder

Finally, we got the chance to go 75ft in the air with there ladder and got to see around Hilliard from the top of the ladder.

Day 5 (5/1/16)

One thing we learned tonight is how to use the types of speed radars. Out of the ones they had i thought the laser was the simplest and most effective one to use. We also got the chance to use the radar thats attached to the car. We parked the car on the side of the road and just watched the speed of random people. Some people sped up going by which amazed me.

Another thing we did that night was mock traffic stops. They went through one using officers only, then they gave the class a chance. They gave us police utility belts and a training gun. We got to sit in the drivers seat of the police cruiser and turn on the lights and sirens when were pulling the detectives unmarked car over. Traffic stops can go in many directions vary quickly.

Image result for hilliard police traffic stops

Day 4 (2/23/16)

We learned that in order to enter someones home due to probable cause you must have a search warrant. If there are people inside the house and you feel like they may change, destroy or remove certain items from the residence, police officers have the ability to freeze the scene. This means that they force everyone out of the house and they can put an officer at every entrance to keep the site secure.

Tonight we also learned how to find fingerprints and lift them off various objects that may be a part of a certain crime where fingerprints would show who had contact with the objects in question. Fingerprinting is not easy to do and when your trying to prove a case you get one chance to lift that single fingerprint since it may destroy the originality of the print after the first time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day 3 (2-16-16)

On this day, we went to the fire department section of the safety services building and went over the first part of how the norwich township fire department come to be. We learned how and why certain vehicles are sent out, and why the stations and vehicles are numbered.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

HPD Ride-A-Long (2/12/16)

Tonight I got to ride with Officer Keiser. He has been with HPD for a little over 2.5 years. Throughout the night there were many situations that people looked suspicious but without probable cause there's not much you can do. He told me different reasons he could pull someone over but there very minor.

Day 2 (2/9/16

Tonight we were visited by two detectives from the investigation bureau. Throughout the night we learned about Miranda rights,"where it came from", warrants and searches. Lots of information in a short amount of time.